About your Anesthesia

During your consultation with Dr. Matthew a thorough discussion regarding the recommended treatment and options for maintaining comfort and safety during and after your surgical procedure will be thoroughly discussed. The information below gives further information on the types of Anesthesia that Dr. Matthew offers at Brentwood Oral Surgery.  Depending on your treatment plan and the procedures involved, your medical history and overall health, Dr. Matthew will discuss with you the best Anesthesia option for you.

Local Anesthesia

Or ‘freezing’ is a suitable option for patients who tend to be very comfortable in the dental environment and who have a simple surgical procedure. Dr. Matthew will gently administer the anesthetic, wait for the area to become numb and then proceed with the surgery. It is simple, safe, and does not require fasting or a ride home however, the patient is completely awake and is therefore aware of the procedure. In most instances, the patient will need to pick up a postoperative prescription within one hour of leaving our office. Our Certified Dental Assistant (C.D.A.) will review all of the postoperative instructions prior to the patient leaving the office

Oral Sedation

You will be receiving medication to sedate you and to make your dental treatment more pleasant.  You will not be receiving a general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation, and you will be conscious at all times.  However, there are certain instructions which must be adhered to. Please go to the “Surgical Instruction link” for further information.

IV Sedation

Conscious Sedation is suggested for patients who have needle phobias, anxiety about dental treatment, or more difficult procedures (such as impacted wisdom teeth). This is one of our most popular methods of anesthetic. The patient must follow strict fasting rules from midnight the night before surgery. Dr. Matthew will do an anesthetic history review with each patient prior to beginning the sedation. Once the patient is comfortably sedated, Dr. Matthew will administer local anesthetic, wait for the patient to become numb and then begin the procedure. The patient must stay in our recovery room under the care of our surgical team following surgery until the patient is ready to go home. Our surgical assistants will review all postoperative instructions with the patients’ responsible adult escort, who will assist with picking up a postoperative prescription within one hour of leaving our office and stay with the patient for several hours after surgery. The patient should not drive or sign important documents for 24 hours.  A combination of oral sedation and IV sedation may be recommended by Dr. Matthew. Please visit our Surgery Instruction section for more information on specific pre and post operatory instructions for the different Anesthesia/treatment procedures.