Financial Policy

At Brentwood Oral Surgery we will make every effort to help you know what your financial responsibility is before treatment begins. During the consultation visit you will receive a treatment plan that includes treatment fees and an estimate of what insurance (if any) will cover. We work diligently with you and your insurance provider to obtain payment for services, but it is important to remember that the fee information in your treatment plan is only an ESTIMATE based on the information received from your primary insurance provider.

Insurance Information

If you have insurance we can send a pre-authorization to your primary insurance provider for treatment plan during your first visit. You are also encouraged to contact your insurance provider to verify benefits. You will be responsible for the estimated co-insurance portion at the time of service. Insurance pre-estimates are not a guarantee of payment, and full payment of services is required up front the day of your scheduled surgical appointment. Payment in full is due at the time service is rendered. Patients are responsible for all treatment fees regardless of insurance coverage. Forms of Payment For your convenience Brentwood Oral Surgery accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Debit and cash. No cheques accepted .